Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit
Tax Credit Application FY 2022

Welcome to  This is the initial page of the Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit application process.  Please review the instructions below which outline the process: Please review these instructions and read the disclaimerYOU MUST CHECK THE BOX BELOW ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU HAVE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND THE DISCLAIMER.  IF YOU FAIL TO CHECK THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BOX, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE INVESTOR REGISTRATION PAGE.

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  2. Once you have checked the acknowledgement box, a countdown will appear.  When the countdown reaches 00.00.00, you will be automatically forwarded to the investor registration page.
  3. On the investor registration page you will be asked to:
      1. Enter your user name—this was emailed to you after you submitted your initial documentation;
      2. Enter your reference number—this was emailed to you after you submitted your initial documentation;
      3. Enter the characters you see in the “Captcha” box which is beneath the reference number field—Note that you will receive an “Invalid captcha information please try again” message if you do not correctly enter the displayed characters; and
      4. After completing “a” through “c”, click the “Submit” button to submit your investor registration.
  4. Following the successful submission of your investor registration you will receive a message confirming the receipt of your registration (please print this page for your records).
  5. Please enter your information carefully as any error in information may delay your registration.

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